One-stop service

Forever Chemical offer our customers the complete products and services before and after sales, including prodcuts recommandation, product registration support, test at salling port and destination port, transportation service, medication guide, package design etc.


SERVICE 1. Packing design

Shanghai Forever Chemical Company supplies various kinds of bottles and aluminum bags with native language and adorable color design for the pulicaiton in your local market.


SERVICE 2. Prodcuts recommandation and Medication application guide

Shanghai Forever Chemical Company manufacture various herbicide, insecticide and fungicide to protect your corps, it's economic and effitive for Rice, Maize, Cotton, Cacao, Sugar cane, Vegetable, Fruit, Hevea.


SERVICE 3. Promoting programme plan

We do market research and design various appropriate promotion programme to improve your image and brand, and popularity, improve your sales.


SERVICE 4. Agricultural inputs supply

Shanghai Forever Chemical Company suppliers also plastic packages, fertilizers, sprayers, cover and proctection tarpaulin, agrocultural machinery to satisfy customers' various demands.