Chemical: 代森锰锌
Use category: Fungicides > Dithiocarbamate fungicides Fungicides > Zinc fungicides
Content & formulation: 88%,80%WP
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CAS No.】: 8018-01-7

CAS】: [[2-[(dithiocarboxy)amino]ethyl]carbamodithioato]](2−)-κS,κS′]manganese mixture with [[2-[(dithiocarboxy)amino]ethyl]carbamodithioato]](2−)-κS,κS′]zinc 

Physical form】:Greyish-yellow powder.


Composition】:The ISOdefinition is 'a complex of zinc and maneb containing 20% of manganese and 2.55% of zinc, the salt present being stated (for instance mancozeb chloride)'.

Melting point】:Decomposes at 192-204 °C;

Flash point】:137.8 °C (Tag open cup);

Vapour pressure】:Negligible at 20 °C;

Solubility】:In water 6.2 ppm(pH7.5, 25 °C).

Insoluble in most organic solvents; dissolves in solutions of powerful chelating agents but cannot be recovered from them.; Stability:Stable under normal, dry storage conditions.

Slowly decomposed by heat and moisture. On hydrolysis (25 °C), DT5020 d (pH5), 17 h (pH7), 34 h (pH9). Mancozeb a.i.


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